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Individualized Supplement Plan

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My passion is helping people with supplementation, diet and keeping themselves and their family healthy!!

For many people the thought of trying to "figure out" which supplements are really worth it is a very daunting and overwhelming task.  That is what I can help you with!  

The consultation will be done via email as this is for those that do not have serious health issues and do not have a lot of time for an appointment.  

Once you have signed up and have paid for your supplement protocol you will receive via email a short form in which you will be able to express your top three areas that you want to improve through supplementation.  Once I receive your form back I will develop a personalized and unique supplement protocol.

The price does not include supplements.  You will receive direct links on where to purchase them if you choose to do so.  I do not receive any commission nor am I an affiliate with any of the companies.  The products that I recommend are ones that I have used for many years and they are the ones that I trust.