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These are personal testimonies from customers who have purchased and are using the GcMAF GlycoPlus Skin Creams


"Just letting you know how much I appreciate your support.  I had nagalase testing done October 25, 2017 and it was 1.04.  Began using GcMAF Creams and in 28 days it dropped to .8!  WOW!!! 23% drop in 28 days!  The doctor's office was so amazed the doctor asked how I did it?"

Tumor Shrinking!!!!!

My mother was diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma which is a very rare Vestibular Schwannoma tumor. It is tumor on the main nerve leading from the inner ear to the brain. She has some hearing loss and balance issues from it. The doc wanted to do radiation and surgery but told her she would lose all hearing in that ear and might have nerve damage and facial paralysis. I told her to wait and try it my way. She did and her recent test came back two days ago and her tumor is now a lipoma and the doctor was shocked, lol. He apologized over and over thinking he gave her the wrong diagnosis and said he was sorry for putting her through all the testing and MRI’s. (She had decreased kidney function due to the gadolinium contrast for the 4 MRI’s) Isn’t it sad that we can’t share what has worked for her so the doctor can do the same for his other patients? Instead we have to worry about our government and FDA shutting down things that actually kill tumors and have zero side effects. There are always alternative treatments with no side effects if only you do your own research. I was watching Long Island Medium where Larry Capputo had the same thing but he had the surgery and now has total hearing loss in one ear and facial paralysis. My mom spent $225 and her tumor has changed and is shrinking. Spending $225 on a cream sounds a heck of a lot better than the alternative. Thank you Candice Lee-Bradstreet for providing us with the cream.


I have stage 4 ovarian cancer.  

Before using the new GcMAF cream (8,000 ng), my energy level was 10-15% of normal. 

After using the new product only once, my energy level increased to 90-95% of normal (precancer). 

When I use it consistently, I even have more energy than that! 

The new product also has a wonderfully positive impact on my cognitive abilities, especially when I take iodine and milk thistle capsules with it.

I love the new antiseptic pressure spout on the top of the jar which gives just the right application amount.

I am truly blessed by GOD to have access to this miracle product.  Thank you for being GOD's instrument in reducing and eliminating great suffering in the American people.  You are an angel!

Warm Regards,
Laura B
This is from a mom of a three year old boy who has autism and started on the 1500 ng cream once a day

Luca crawled out of his bed past his side rails and went down the step stool for the first time in his life.  He then walked to the door and realized it was a child proof lock and called out "momma".   He is now more aware of what is around him and he is trying to talk even more.  Before he never cared what was around him. He has never had the strength to climb anything!  Last night he dropped his cup in the sink and couldn't reach it and called out "momma help".   Then his teachers came out to me today and told me Luca is playing duck duck goose and he followed along in story time and responded!  He is definitely "with us" more.



This is from a long time customer who switched from the MAFactive Brand to the GlycoPlus Brand:

The growth on my nose keeps getting smaller. It's almost gone!!  I'm more consistent putting the cream on it than I was before.  I'm also using the cream on
on my dog. He has a lump near the base of his spine. My husband keeps squeezing liquid out of it but hasn't done it recently. I asked him, "Have you noticed how the lump is smaller?"

He replied yes! Then I told him that I was treating it with the GcMAF cream.  My husband also has a growth on his nose much like mine. As soon as mine 
is gone, I'm going to suggest he use the cream.

I also have a story about my sister & the nagalese test. She just knew something wasn't right with her, so she took the nagalese test & it was positive. Yet, her mammogram was negative. (My sister had breast cancer 13 years ago).  She then took the AMAS test to confirm cancer & to determine which kind of cancer.
It was positive for breast cancer. This time she had an ultrasound done on her breast.  They saw something, but it was so minuscule, they couldn't determine if it
looked suspicious or not. She had to go to a different  facility with 3D imaging for the very small tumor to be visible. It was so small the Dr was unsure
he could pinpoint it enough to operate. They were successful at removing it.  If it wasn't for Dr Jeff spreading the word about nagalese & GcMAF, my sister would have discovered her breast cancer at a much later stage. She did take GcMAF injection therapy in addition to targeted radiation. 

Just wanted to THANK YOU again for your hard work in keeping this product available!!! You are a very special person!!  


This is my first time using the cream and I am more than pleased. I have chronic pain behind my left knee and swelling below the knee. My first application was behind this knee and I am still in amazement. Shortly after the first application, my pain greatly decreased and I had a burst of energy. Additionally I have an awful patch of cystic acne on my chin so I started applying the cream to it as well and am seeing progress. It's too embarrassing to comment how many years that I have suffered with this acne and have feared that it may have developed into a melanoma. I have tried everything except surgical excision as I was told that excision would leave a worse scar than the acne itself. I have never seen any so severe and it is humiliating to blur this area in pictures. I am confident that the cream will heal this and without scarring.  I'm hopeful that in the end I can submit an anonymous before and after picture. 



Received this email from a user of the cream:

We spoke some time ago about your brother, we heard about his situation through our connections through natural childbirth. My son is Autistic, and we ordered the GMAF cream. To be honest, we didn't use it right away, it took us over a year to be consistent with it, only because we were so overwhelmed with his diet and a gazillion other things that parents of Autistic children try to do to help their "caged" children. It's been two weeks of consistent use, and all I can say is...WOW! I'm almost in tears writing this to you. Just... thank you! He's not fully recovered by any stretch, but he's responding in ways that are mind blowing. He’s actually having short conversations now, he only uses a few words, but it’s enough to completely freak us out. He even has a little sense of humor and knows he’s being funny, and even makes an effort to interact with us!!


I have been using the 1500ng on my face for about a month now. Immediately my skin became softer and clearer and the dullness subsided. My breakouts also stopped immediately. I am extremely happy. I am about to move up to the 8000ng and am very excited to see the continued results!

Thank you for supplying this



This is from a couple who has a son with autism

Lucas sat down with me on the back porch this morning with our dogs.
I yawned, and he said, “ You tired?”
I said, “Yeah, I guess I am.”
He said, “Oh, yeah.”
“Are you tired?” I replied.
“No, I’m okay,” he said as a matter-of-factly.
What? Freaked me out, big time! I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is to actually have a small conversation with him!!

Thanks so much!
Warmest Regards,
Gary and Lisa

50,000 mg Spray Testimony

Here's something interesting about the spray.  I got it on Thursday and was having pain issues with a back molar.
I've never had dental issues in my whole life.  I've got some fillings, but I've never had a root canal or
anything tooth related, but I'm almost 60 and nothing lasts forever, so I figured the tooth was going bad because
it REALLY hurt to chew anything--the pressure was very painful.  I sprayed it Thursday when I got to IL and opened
the package and again before I went to bed. The next morning it has stopped hurting.  I sprayed it twice on Friday
and Saturday.  Today it's totally resolved. I ate a handful of peanuts and no pain.